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Let’s be real – we’ve all been there. Daydreaming about your ideal love interest during meetings, doodling their name in your notebook, making Pinterest boards of couple goals. You’re ready to manifest the partner of your dreams, but is it even a thing, is it ethical or real? 

Let’s get on the same page about what manifesting someone actually means. Because contrary to popular belief, it’s not about bending the universe to your will or forcing a specific person into your life. 

Manifesting a partner is simply about aligning your energy and belief with the idea of healthy, soul-nourishing love. 

It’s calling in the qualities, values, and connections you desire rather than trying to summon a particular person like a genie in a bottle. 

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s understand how to manifest someone:

Step 1) Get Clear on What (or Who) You Really Want

This isn’t about making a checklist of shallow qualities like “6 feet tall, dimples, can cook good food.” We’re going deeper: personality traits, and emotional needs you long to share with a partner.

Maybe you crave intellectual passion and engaging conversation. Or the ability to be 100% authentic without judgment. Or perhaps you just want someone adventurous and spontaneous to join you on life’s crazy adventures.  

Define exactly what constitutes your ideal partner – in rich, vivid detail. Let your imagination run wild here! Don’t censor yourself based on what you think is realistic right now. If you want someone who geeks out over astrophysics as much as you do, put it out there!

Step 2) Embody Your Dream Partner’s Complement 

If you’re putting out vibes like “I’m not enough” or “I don’t deserve love,” then that’s what you’ll keep attracting – partners who can’t fully see or appreciate your worth. Time to turn that tune around!

Work on becoming the type of person your dream partner would be naturally drawn to. Maybe it’s prioritizing self-love practices and your manifestation methods

I mean, think about it – if you don’t truly believe you deserve the best, how can you expect the universe to deliver? It’s like laying down the foundation for your dream house; self-love is the solid ground that everything else is built upon. So, take a moment to appreciate yourself, flaws and all. Embrace your uniqueness and let that love shine through in everything you do. 

Because you cannot manifest the love you crave until you fully believe you’re deserving of it first.  – that’s a good line

Step 3) Create an Experience That Matches Your Vision

They say to “act as if,” right? Well, start showing up for the love life you want to call in energetically. What habits, mindsets, and actions are in alignment with being a person’s soulmate?

Maybe you’ll take yourself on weekly “date nights” to remind yourself how amazing you are. Light candles, cook your favorite meal, dress up – no romantic comedies allowed unless they’re foreign and existentially complex! 

The key here is immersing yourself in activities and thought patterns that make you feel like you’re already the type of partner you want to attract. Before long, you won’t be faking it – that will be your new normal!

Step 4) Trust in Divine Timing & Prepare For Their Arrival

Now for the hard part – being patient and letting the universe do its thing. Your role is to show up consistently in faith and self-love while taking inspired action steps.

So there you have it, 

A divinely ordained recipe for how to manifest someone.

By taking radical responsibility for your vibration, values and clarity, you’re already leaps and bounds ahead of just hoping and wishing for true love to appear. 

Just stay open, connected to your worthiness, and enjoy working your manifesting magic.

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